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Name: JJ Lennert-Sandgreen
I design products and courses. I am an entrepreneur with bottom-up startup experience in Nuuk and NYC. Built a media company and a product design studio and have for the past three years developed and given startup courses and talks for the new generation of entrepreneurs in Greenland while designing and managing apps across iOS, Android, and Web. I'm a part of a series of startups in Greenland typically as an advisor, from dog food to raw food to innovative education tools to adventure- and high-end tourism operators.

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Accelerators and Courses

Product Development

An intense 3 day course

With the Product Development series we work intensely and fast with the entrepreneur and take a journey through 11 essential and reflective subjects to develop a best possible product within a very short period of time. Developing your product and building your startup is hard, unfiltered and real and is like a strong personal development machine. The series is designed to give you key moments to pre-experience the barriers and complex challenges ambitious startups go through and how to overcome them. It’s an incredible journey shared with likeminded people and startups. It starts with masterminding the problem to the people and partners that have teamed up to solve the problem.

The series:
1. Introduction to the market
2. Masterminding the problem
3. Value Proposition
4. MVP - Minimum Viable Product
5. Networking and Feedback Loops
6. Market Analysis
7. Product-Market-Fit
8. KPI - Key Performance Indicators
9. Traction
10. The Team and Partners
11. Business Model and Operations
12. Presentations and Debates

Business Administration

A relieving 2 day course

Every profit comes from operations. “If you are so dependent on others for the basic operations, are you then an independent entrepreneur?” This series helps you quickly and easily understand the basics of business management in Greenland. Business Management is a work of simple discipline but constantly repeated. You will learn how to plan and automize your paperwork in a series shared with like-minded business owners and real-life stories.

The series:
1. Introduction to our financial and legal frames
2. Bookkeeping
3. Sales
4. Expenses (Bills, Salaries, Taxes…)
5. Taxes (Primaries, Secondaries, Deductions, Holiday pays…)
6. Tax reports
7. Advance forms and Tax returns
8. Annual accounts and Annual reports
9. Relationship with the Tax Department
10. Debt management and management of Profits
11. Debates

Day Courses

Quickly master the essentials

  • Pitch Deck Production

  • Pitching

  • Budgeting

  • Mastering the Problem

  • Market Analysis

  • Feedback Loops

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • One Pager

  • KPI and Traction

  • Value Proposition

  • Pricing

  • User Experience Design

  • Customer Experience Design

US<>GL Network Accelerator Program

A 2 month network program

The purpose of this program is to train and connect or Greenlandic entrepreneurs and promising startups with proven entrepreneurs, financial and legal advisors in the US through a 6 weeks program. The Greenlandic entrepreneurs dive into the American business and learn about the fundamental business culture and what it takes to do well in the world's most innovative market. Through a series of workshops and calls, the entrepreneurs will finish with two main products: A go-to-market strategy for internal use and a one-pager about their project for network use - and of course a new network of opportunities.

Suited for: Food startups, tourism operators, tech startups, fashion/Industrial design startups, natural/beauty product startups.

NYC<>GL Space Swap

A 2 month office swap for visionary entrepreneurs

Swap NYC with Nuuk and vice versa for a few weeks (flexible period). As inspiring and overwhelming Greenland is for new yorkers, New York is equally inspiring and overwhelming for Greenlanders, each being located on the opposite side of the spectrum. Culturally and historically both have more in common than we might think of.

Experiencing the world from a dramatically different perspective can be a highly reflective and inspiring moment for both, reminding ourselves how big and rich of a world we live in. Broadening our perspectives helps us shape a clearer vision.

New Yorkers travel to decelerate and focus on their core, while Greenlanders travel to accelerate and focus on their network.
The program:
NYC sends X amount of entrepreneurs/startups to Nuuk while Nuuk sends an equal amount of people the other way around in the same period of time (4-8 weeks):

  • The hosting city facilitates desks/office spaces and overnight places free of charge for the visiting group (both cities cost approx. the same in rents and stays).

  • The traveling group finances their flight tickets, local transportation, local experiences, and food.

  • Each group has a program organized by the hosting city which will be a combination of a city/fjord experience and networking startup events/meetups with like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Making use of sponsorships and applying for grants is highly encouraged for early-stage startups.

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